22 Oct 2024 Start Time: 9:00 End Time: 16:00 Location: The IET, 2 Savoy Place, London WC2R 0BL

ACITA cordially invites you and your team to the upcoming Autumn National. This conference is centred around the dynamic nature of our world and the transformations impacting our industry. It offers an unparalleled platform for meaningful engagement, idea exchange, and knowledge acquisition. We highly recommend your team’s participation so they can glean novel experiences and perspectives. Your presence would be greatly appreciated.

ACITA Autumn National Conference 24

Date:22 October 2024, Time: 09:00 – 16:00

Venue: The IET, 2 Savoy Place, London WC2R 0BL

The ACITA Committee is finalising an engaging Autumn National 2024 meeting agenda. This event aims to foster a valuable platform for members to share insights and discuss critical industry issues. We aim to facilitate enriching discussions on various topics relevant to our profession. The specifics of the meeting, including the agenda, will be communicated in the future. We suggest marking your calendars and reserving your space for this significant event. We want you to know that your active participation is crucial to our association, and we anticipate your involvement. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to welcoming you to the meeting.

Please feel free to forward any questions to our panel of industry experts in advance, and we will ensure they are addressed during the event. The meeting will cover key aspects such as the
UK Border Force, ENS, DEFRA, HMRC & Future on CDS, Northern Ireland, CBAM/STW, and Europe today, providing a comprehensive view of our field

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