27 Jan 2021 Start Time: 10:00 End Time: 13:30 Location: Teams Webinar Link

Dear ACITA members 

CDS Training Module Longer Presentation Nov20 (002) V2

CDS NI Training Module Jan 21v3

GB Tariff Supplement Presentation Jan 21v3

HMRC have agreed to run a refresher and tariff update course to our members

Proposed agenda 

CDS and GB Tariff Updates from 1.1.21

This session will begin with a summary of how to Navigate the Tariff CDS Volume 3 Tariff in order to make Customs declarations.

It will then be followed by an update of the main changes in the Northern Ireland Tariff Supplement and the GB Tariff supplement which are effective from 1.1.21. The GB Tariff supplement changes will mainly impact on CHIEF declarations.

Finally, there will be a Q&A session.

We are envisaging the timings as detailed below but are allowing some flexibility


Tariff Supplement explanations -up to 1.5 hours

Q&A sessions: 1hour.

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