19 Nov 2024 Start Time: 10:00 End Time: 12:00 Location: Stratford Regional Meeting

ACITA Members

The next meeting will be held on 19 November 2024 at our Stratford Regional Centre. Please let me know if you want to put forward any agenda items. Like our last meeting, there will be no documents or slides to share; it will just be a discussion of the items on the agenda, which will be provided later.

This JCCC meeting is not open to members but is posted here for information. The designated committee member will attend on behalf of the organisation and represent members’ views. Don’t hesitate to contact the committee member via the secretariat if you have specific points, issues, or questions you wish to raise at this meeting.

ACITA represents the membership at these main JCCC meetings, and we, therefore, need your help and feedback to pass on. Please let me know of any items you wish to put forward for the agenda for consideration by the Chairs. We kindly ask that you provide specific details of the issues and questions.

Attending: Robert Hina – ACITA Treasurer

Attending Des Hiscock – Director General

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