19 March 2018 CIPs

(18) 03 Customs duties repayment claims cannot be protected under UCC

This CIP covers changes to applications for repayment or remission of customs duties…

19 March 2018 CIPs

(18) 01 EU ban on the import and placing on the market of seal products

This is an update on the ban on importing seal, walrus and sea lion…

1 February 2018 CIPs

(18) 04 Flint Maize End-Use measures

The End-Use procedure enables goods to be imported into the EU for a prescribed use…

18 September 2017 CIPs

(17) 19 Update on trading between the EU and Canada

The new trade agreement between the EU and Canada comes into force on…

7 November 2016 CIPs

(16) 62 Import VAT reclamation

Reclaim of Import VAT regarding entries made to authorisation by declaration (simplified)

24 October 2016 CIPs

(16) 58 Statistical threshold: sterling figure to apply for 2017

Statistical legislation allows Member States the opportunity to apply an optional concession whereby items…

6 October 2016 CIPs

(16) 51 Registered Exporters and Changes to the CHIEF System

On 1 January 2017 traders will be able to become Registered Exporters. Further information…

20 September 2016 CIPs

(16) 54 Detention and Seizure under Customs and Excise Management Act (CEMA) 1979: Exceptions to notice requirement

This Customs Information Paper (CIP) sets out the exceptions to giving a Notice…

11 July 2016 CIPs

(16) 43 Going Digital

HM Revenue and Customs publishes information about various changes to law, policy or…

13 November 2015 CIPs

(15) 48 CPCs for repair or processing of goods

It has been necessary to review the Customs Procedure Codes (CPCs) which have combined…

20 August 2015 CIPs

(15) 33 UCC Adoption of the Delegated Act (DA) and publication of Implementing Act (IA)

CIP1533 covers the Union Customs Code (UCC)-Adoption of the Delegated Act (DA) and publication of…

7 August 2015 CIPs

(15) 32 Additional requirements within certain CN codes for imports and exports

CIP 32 updates and replaces information included in CIP 26 (2015).

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