1 February 2024 Uncategorised

Single Trade Window (STW) Newsletter: January 2024

202401 – STW Trade Bulletin Jan 2024 Dear ACITA members, On behalf of…

8 December 2023 Uncategorised

EMCS – Technical – EMCS Delivery Update

Dear Developer, EMCS XSDS V3.13 TES-RSD-DDNEA_v3.14-Phase4.1-v1.00 TES-RSD-FESS-DDNEA-Phase4.1-v2.00 We want to update you on…

14 November 2023 Uncategorised

Further targeted stakeholder engagement: Changes to legislation regarding criteria for siting of Border Control Posts

Dear ACITA Members, 2023-09-15 Siting of BCP – Stakeholder engagement document 2023-09-15 Siting…

24 October 2023 Uncategorised

JCCC CPP BPD Sub Group Meeting 5 September Minutes

Dear members, JCCC CPP BPD Sub Group Minutes 5 September 2023 I am…

1 October 2023 Uncategorised

Barclays Planned Maintenance (CDS Impact) – Sunday 01st October 2023

Dear ACITA members, Barclays Planned Maintenance (CDS Impact) – Sunday 01st October 2023…

13 September 2023 Uncategorised

ACITA Annual General Meeting 12 September 2023

Dear ACITA Members 12 SEPTEMBER V3 – Presentation AGM (2) 120923- Minutes –…

1 September 2023 Uncategorised

01/09/2023 – Borders Bulletin

Dear ACITA members 2023-09-01 – Borders Bulletin I am sharing with you the…

9 August 2023 Uncategorised

HMRC SYSTEM MAINTENANCE – CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import Export Freight) – Sunday 20th August 2023

Dear ACITA members   Due to planned maintenance work on our Customs Handling of…

9 August 2023 Uncategorised

Modernising Authorisation – T&F Group

Dear ACITA Members Q  Several queries were shared with us regarding EORI numbers….

7 August 2023 Uncategorised

Key Messages – JCCC Guidance sub group meeting of 27th Jul 2023

Dear ACITA Members, To keep you all updated with the activity that has…

4 August 2023 Uncategorised

Barclays Planned Maintenance (CDS Impact) – Sunday 13 August 2023

Dear ACITA Member, Barclays Planned Maintenance (CDS Impact) – Sunday 13 August 2023, 2:30am…

31 July 2023 Uncategorised

JCCC Modernising authorisation T&F meeting 27 July 2023

Dear ACITA Members Please find the slides and Q&A from the meeting above….

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